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If you have never had your chimney cleaned, and you use your fireplace regularly, you could be heading for a disaster. You could be risking having a chimney fire in your chimney, which could ignite your roof on fire, or start the house on fire. A CHIMNEY FIRE SOUNDS LIKE A JET AIRPLANE TAKING OFF IN YOUR LIVING ROOM. It is a very frightening sound.

After you have burned wood for a time, your chimney builds up a substance called creosote, and is ignitable if it is not cleaned out properly. This substance called (creosote, or soot) can cause  a chimney fire, and the temperature can reach 2100 degrees. If allowed to burn, it can cause the fireplace to crack, and can burn the whole house down if not put out promptly, and then you will need to have major repairs done.

To avoid this from happening, have your chimney inspected by a Professional Chimney Sweep. They can tell you if you have any problems with your fireplace that you are unaware of. Examples are (they can tell you if your chimney has a cracked flue liner, or cracks in the firewall, loose or missing mortar, no spark arrestor, or other problems). After you have had your chimney inspected, the sweep usually fills out an inspection report on the condition of your fireplace, and any repairs or other problems are noted on the form so you are aware of the condition of your chimney. Don't risk having a chimney fire in your home because you believe your chimney is safe, get it checked out by a professional Chimney Sweep so you can have peace of mind and a safe chimney!

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