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Chimney Deodorant Product Description

A common problem with chimneys is, after you use them for a while, sometimes they smell and cause a terrible odor in your home that can last for days, even months. What is the solution? 

"Chimney Deodorant" 

chimney deodorant

New larger Size

Controls odors fast.

  • This tested combination of special chemicals doesn't mask, but actually absorbs that musty  , objectionable, creosote odor  found in and around chimneys, especially in warm and humid months.

  • You need this product because a smelly chimney often still smells bad even after you have had the chimney cleaned out . Each 1.5 oz. bottle lasts two to three months, enough for the usual smelly season.

  • Order some for yourself, and your friends, they will thank you for helping to control their fireplace odor problems. For quick and lasting relief from wood burning odor that works.

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